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The performing arts play a vital role in building healthy, vibrant, creative communities. At The Port Theatre we know that the arts inspire wonder, celebration and a sense of belonging…we know because we see it every time there is an audience in our theatre and a performer on our stage.



The Port Theatre Society is proud to stimulate and enhance artistic, cultural and economic activity of central Vancouver Island. The theatre is a focal point for residents and visitors alike, offering a broad range of cultural events designed to meet many diverse interests and needs.

Through our own programming, the Spotlight Series, we present exceptional Canadian and international performing artists, every one of them showcasing artistic excellence and innovation. At the core of our mandate, we offer access to the arts for youth and community organizations through our many outreach programs, including reduced rental rates for non-profit and community groups.



When you donate to The Port Theatre Society, you are investing in the health and vitality of our community. Together we are establishing Nanaimo’s essential position in Canada’s cultural map.

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